Central Region Under 21

1Oak Ridges Knights1413015584739
2Oakville Blue Devils1483337162127
3Greater Sudbury Impact148332471727
4Bolton Wanderers 147342618824
5Richmond Hill Raiders146351823-521
6Northern Soccer Academy143291838-2011
7Newmarket United1422101438-248
8Huronia Saintes140212852-442

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1Abby WROEOak Ridges Knights24
2Shannon HIGGSBolton Wanderers 13
3Cassandra ARMSTRONGOakville Blue Devils11
4Patrycia KOZAKOakville Blue Devils11
5Caitlyne KERVINNorthern Soccer Academy10
6Brianne RODRIGUEGreater Sudbury Impact6
7Deanna BERNARDIOak Ridges Knights6
8ALIESHA SPOURDALAKISGreater Sudbury Impact5
9Jenelle STJEANGreater Sudbury Impact5
10Tori TRIMBLEOak Ridges Knights5

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1MEGAN COUTUGreater Sudbury Impact11
2Aysia SOLOMONNorthern Soccer Academy4
3Kate TURNEROak Ridges Knights4
4Caroline KEWLEYOak Ridges Knights3
5Veronica KOZAKOakville Blue Devils3
6Jessica ZENOBolton Wanderers 2
7Victoria Lewis Newmarket United2
8Arianna ECONOMOURichmond Hill Raiders1
9Chloe HARTRichmond Hill Raiders1
10Jessica ELGAROak Ridges Knights1
11Jocelyne WAYOakville Blue Devils1
12Morgan SHEARERRichmond Hill Raiders1

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Provincial U21 Central
PSIdefFC Dur P21C

South Region
BWRSL ForcedefNiagara W PS


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