South Region Under 21

1Burlington Bayhawks14131059124740
2Ancaster Legacy FC148152415925
3Roma Wolves NRSP147253224823
4BVB IA Waterloo145451917219
5Club Roma Soccer145363634218
6Mount Hamilton142751926-713
7Saltfleet Stoney Creek143381850-3212
8West Lincoln Warriors1421111746-297

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1Alyssa GLASBERGENBurlington Bayhawks17
2Terin HULTNIKClub Roma Soccer16
3Cassidy JAYCOCKBurlington Bayhawks11
4Miranda DISALVOAncaster Legacy FC9
5Sierra DEPASSBurlington Bayhawks9
6Emily WALRAVENBurlington Bayhawks8
7Taylor MORGANWest Lincoln Warriors8
8Juliana GRECORoma Wolves NRSP6
9Tori HULTINKRoma Wolves NRSP6
10Ella O'CONNOR Roma Wolves NRSP5

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Olivia SAYLONAncaster Legacy FC5
2Amanda DAMESKIBurlington Bayhawks4
3Skye YANUZZIBVB IA Waterloo4
4Bianca SESTILI Roma Wolves NRSP2
5Brooke SYKESBurlington Bayhawks2
6Emily HuskicMount Hamilton1
7Heather BULLERSaltfleet Stoney Creek1
8Kyra SAUDERMount Hamilton1

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Central Region (East) Under 21
NY U212 - 3 OK Synergy
East York5 - 0 Thighpark
OK Synergy9 - 0 WR U21

Central Region Under 21
Dixie6 - 1 Sudbury
Dixie4 - 1 Oakville
Force13 - 0 Bolton White

Provincial U21
Paris2 - 3 OK Renegades
KC U21P1 - 4 Ath Inst

South Region Under 21
Waterloo0 - 2 Ancaster
SSC1 - 1 Mt Hamilton
Roma Wol2 - 1 WL Warriors
Bur Bayhawks2 - 1 Club Roma

Central Region
Aurora Spurs2 - 2 KC CR

Central Region (East)
Toronto Skil2 - 4 Peterborough
WR SR0 - 1 OK White

WR Prov0 - 2 King Prov
GS Prov5 - 0 Ajax
Aurora Prov1 - 2 Caledon Pro

South Region
WL Sharks2 - 5 Brams


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