Provincial Elite

1GS United15131155144140
2Vaughan Azzurri16101558193931
3Guelph Gryphons15101440142631
4Durham United1573533161724
5Woodbridge Strikers1573532211124
6North Toronto Nitros155281327-1417
7Waterloo Wildfire163761532-1716
8Niagara United1431102548-2310
9Waterloo United150114282-801
10GS United Ridgebacks00000000

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1Victoria HINCHLIFFEGuelph Gryphons18
2Cassandre VAN BAKELVaughan Azzurri15
3Andrea RASOGS United9
4Brittany LAWRENCEDurham United6
5Jenny WOLEVERWoodbridge Strikers6
6Vital KATSGS United6
7Cassie WHELDONGuelph Gryphons5
8Catherine UMOLACVaughan Azzurri5
9Colleen BEESLEYVaughan Azzurri5
10Genava WINTERINKDurham United5

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Brooke DAVIDSON (GUEST)Guelph Gryphons4
2Elizabeth BRENNEMANGuelph Gryphons4
3Tamara ORLANDOGS United4
4Taylor GRANTVaughan Azzurri4
5Madison MCDONALDWaterloo Wildfire3
6Sara PETRUCCIDurham United3
7Courtney DAVISVaughan Azzurri2
8Gabrielle EMILIENNorth Toronto Nitros2
9Alicia TAMBURRODurham United1
10Brittany LAWRENCEDurham United1
11Brooke Davidson Guelph Gryphons1
12Courtney DOUGLASVaughan Azzurri1
13Karlee WALDVOGELWaterloo United1
14Kyara Wendling Niagara United1
15Laura CADELGS United1
16Olivia Tierney GS United1
17Rosalie Durham United1
18Sarah Anish-Bradbury Woodbridge Strikers1
19Sarah Bradbury Woodbridge Strikers1
20Sarah- Anisha Bradbury Woodbridge Strikers1
21Stephania TURYKNorth Toronto Nitros1

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Central Region (East) Under 21
Darlington4 - 0 NY Explos
Oshawa CR210 - 3 Peter White

Central Region Under 21
Bolton3 - 0 Huronia

Provincial Elite U21
GS PE210 - 0 FC PE21
Stcath2 - 2 NMSC Black
Burl PE212 - 0 Blizzard
Vaughan 21PE4 - 2 SSC

South Region Under 21
FC Lon SR216 - 0 Milton
Burling G990 - 0 SSC Orange

Central Region
Caledon0 - 0 Nottawasaga
Newmarket3 - 3 Aurora Spurs
Georgetown1 - 1 Caledon Wild

Central Region (East)
EG Talons2 - 3 NY Panthers
RH Hill CRE0 - 2 West Rouge
Whitby 4 - 0 Oshawa
UMSC CRE0 - 1 Peterborough

Provincial Central
Wrougepc0 - 0 Kcroyals
Vaughan PC3 - 0 GS PC
MFA0 - 5 Rhill PC

Provincial Elite
Vaughan1 - 1 Durham
Guelph PE1 - 1 Woodbridge
NT Nitros2 - 2 Wildfire

Provincial South
BWRSL Tigers3 - 6 Hamilton
Guelph PS1 - 0 NMSC Black

Provincial U21 Central
UMSC PC210 - 7 Markham

Provincial U21 South
Hamilton UTD2 - 0 Oakville BD
Guelph P21S1 - 1 Kitchener
Niagara P210 - 2 FC Lond P21


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