South Region

1Alliance FC Galaxy1110015745330
2Brams United1280448192924
3Brampton Elite Soccer Academy1180348242424
4West Lincoln Sharks1170433201321
5Milton Magic114071539-2412
6Mississauga Croatia123091544-299
7Georgetown SC120012672-660

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1Berkley HUGHES-LAMBKINAlliance FC Galaxy11
2Luba SULYPKABrams United10
3Alexandra PARENTEWest Lincoln Sharks9
4Kaitlynn RUSSELLBrampton Elite Soccer Academy8
5Sabrina DENARDAlliance FC Galaxy8
6Zoe DERKACHBrams United8
7Hannah VICKERSAlliance FC Galaxy7
8Hayley LEWISBrampton Elite Soccer Academy7
9HOLLY NONISMississauga Croatia7
10Kimberly BECKLESBrams United7

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Abby VALIQUETTEAlliance FC Galaxy4
2Aylssa POLIMENIWest Lincoln Sharks4
3Samantha ST. CROIXAlliance FC Galaxy4
4Paige CUDNIKBrampton Elite Soccer Academy2
5Alex ARMSTRONGBrams United1
6Caroline DA SILVEIRAMilton Magic1
7Cora Milton Magic1
8CORA MELOCHEMilton Magic1
9Isabella FIORINIBrampton Elite Soccer Academy1

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