2020 -2021 Ontario Women’s Soccer League


Discipline by Review & Hearing Procedures


Discipline by Review (DBR)

Discipline by Review shall be held on the Thursday following the previous week’s games, in accordance with Ontario Soccer Discipline Procedure 5.3 and 9.0.

Decisions shall be forwarded, in writing, to all affected parties within four (4) days of the review.

Except where a decision has been made that is in contravention of or not in accordance with a published rule, discipline decisions made under the DBR System may not be appealed.

Except in cases of Ontario Soccer Misconduct Type 1.3, 1.5 and 1.6, an individual who is subject to the DBR System shall have the right to request to be disciplined by the DBH System as per Ontario Soccer Discipline Procedure 5.3.6.


Discipline by Hearing (DBH)

Discipline by Hearing shall be held in accordance with Ontario Soccer Discipline Procedure 5.4 and 9.0.


Complete details on ONTARIO SOCCER Policies and Procedures for Discipline (Section 12) are available on ONTARIO SOCCER’s website at:


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