The 2012 OWSL All-Star Charity soccer game was played Saturday, August 11 at the Soccer Centre in Vaughan. 

The OSA president participated in the official coin toss, which was overseen by Referee Stephanie Den Haan and her assistants, Rita Keimakh, Kim Lee and fourth official Paula Francisci.

The game was minutes from Kick off when
there was a flash of lightning and some heavy rolls of thunder that threatened the start of the match.  However,

After a quick discussion between the Ron Smale (OSA President) and Tony Crowle (OWSL President) it was decided to move the game into the OSA center indoor field, this was for the safety of both players and spectators.

There was a short delay and the game started 15 mins later under cover. 

The match started with the Central All-Stars maintaining possession moving the ball quite nicely amongst their defenders, while the South All-Stars seemed to be holding their positions well and shifted as the ball moved from touchline to touchline.  After the first 20 minutes the match settled down and we saw some excellent play by both sides, moving the ball wide and up the flanks followed by some threatening crosses either met by the keeper’s hands or cleared by a solid header.

The South opened the scoring in added time at the end of the first half.  Jocelyn Lodder (#17 FEDS United) had the ball at her feet and after some nifty ball work through midfield put it through to the Stacey Watson (#11 Erin Mills Eagles) up front.   Stacey gathered the ball and while under pressure and off to the left of the goal, sent a low, hard shot across the box.  Unfortunately for the Central All-Stars, in an attempt to clear the ball, Alyssa Hodgins (#7 Toronto Rangers) got her foot on the ball and it ended up in the back of her own net.  A stroke of luck for the South as the goal came in the 3rd minute of added time, send them into the break with a lead.

The second half saw some more back and forth action as the Central All-Stars pushed to equalize and the South All-Stars were trying to hit back on the counter attack.  There were a number of attempts made by the South All-Stars to increase their lead, but the Central goaltending was equal to the task.  However, in a particular sequence where Stacey Watson (#11 Erin Mills Eagles), with the ball at her feet, was working hard on the left touchline, approximately 18 yards from the end line with two defenders trying to strip her of the ball, laid it back to a waiting Kaitlyn Maclellan (#7 Oakville Vipers).  Kaitlyn then let a thunderous shot loose from her left foot that hit the top left corner from approximately 25 yards out.  The outstretched hands from the Keeper could only wave at the ball as it whistled by and solidified victory for the South All-Stars.

The match ended with the South securing a 2-0 win with the shared clean sheet going to Taryn McKenna (#77 Oakville Girls U21)and Tiara Redden (#1 Erin Mills Eagles). 

Jen Powless (#19 Peterborough City) of the Central All-Stars and Kaitlyn Maclellan (#& Oakville Vipers)  of the South All-Stars were selected as the Player of the Match for each side. 

A donation  cheque for $1,140 will be provided to Right To Play Charity.

Congratulations to all players selected and thanks to the Coaches Andrew Fisher and Mike Barrow.

The OWSL Board would like to thank Mr. Ron Smale and Mrs. Winnie Brown as the OSA representatives along with all the spectators in attendance that took the time to come out and support this event.
We would also like to thank the officials who all donated their officiating fees to the Charity.

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