Two Provincial Teams from same club

Two  Provincial teams from same club now permitted to participate in Provincial division provided guidelines and stipulations are met.

The second team must be a first place team from the Senior Regional Premier division all graduating U21 Provincial teams will play Senior Regional Premier and win their way to the senior division. (if there is a vacant spot in the Senior Provincial Division a graduating U21 Provincial team may apply for that spot; if more than one team applies it will be awarded to the U21 Provincial team with the best record from the previous season). 

Promotion/Relegation - Provincial


11.48 Up two (2) teams per Provincial Division (U21 and Open Women’s) will be relegated from the respective Provincial Division each year. The two teams shall be those occupying the two bottom positions in each Division in the final OWSL Board-approved standings.

11.49 A maximum of two (2) teams per club will be accepted at each Provincial level of play (Senior or Under 21). Provided the teams meet the following standards;

i) Both Provincial applicants require its own designated Call up or feeder team currently playing at a lower level with in the OWSL for EACH team applying, the Call up team for each Provincial entry must be identified at time of application.

ii) Teams will be placed in opposite divisions (south and Central) unless only one division.

iii) The senior Provincial scheduled season will not be completed prior to August 15th and the U21 Provincial scheduled season will not be completed prior to July 15th.

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