OWSL Fall Cup

Introducing the OWSL Fall Cup!

·      To run late August through to mid October 2019

·       8 game minimum – 10 game maximum (Based on number of entries received)

·      Entry open to all 2019 OWSL teams U21 and Senior.

·      Roster freeze lifted (to ensure no additional costs to teams)

·      Similar rules as Ontario Cup all players from within club eligible.

·      Home and Away round robin format.

·      OWSL Published League cup rules will apply for participants

·      Fixed referee fees for all divisions – Regional pay rate

·      Divisions will be divided as per number of entries, more entries the better the split.

i)               To start all U21 and senior mixed

ii)             Then divided by Region to minimize travel

iii)           If enough entries U21 and senior will be split

iv)           Final split based on levels of play

·      Teams responsible to provide home field

·      Payment of three officials per game.

            Entry deadline – July 31       No entry will be accepted without entry fee.



Entry form is available here: OWSL 2019 Fall Cup Form

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