Good day to all our OWSL members,

We hope that everyone is following the social distancing requirements and all staying safe.

With COVID-19 pandemic this is totally unprecedented the impact this has had on the World and all walks of life.

This is the 45th year of operation for the OWSL and no one could have imagined that it would start like this. Currently we are unsure of a definite start date as the City of Toronto has stated that they will not issue field permits until July (at the earliest). Other members have indicated that their Municipalities have said June is the earliest, but we fear they too will follow Toronto and look at July as the earliest possible start date.

Unfortunately, with the shortened timeline to actually get a season played we will be putting the League Cup on hold for this year. We are also currently discussing options for both the U21 leagues and senior schedules; this will result in shortened seasons with possibly two games per week or a tournament format over a weekend or two. Who knows exactly how much time will be available and what we can offer our members.

We are monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic in collaboration with our Government and Canada soccer to ensure any decisions made are aligned with the guidelines set forth by the public health authorities and government agencies.

The board are reviewing all our options for our members, which include League play, tournament play along with any and all costs for these types of play.

We know these are challenging times and we appreciate your patience and understanding, we will keep you informed as we navigate through this ever-changing climate.

OWSL board  

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