OWSL Indoor 2021-2022 season



On behalf of your OWSL Board of Directors, the kickoff of OWSL Indoor 2021/22 will be deferred until such time as greater certainty exists regarding Covid indoor mandates and protocols.  Our highest priority is, and will remain, the health and safety of our members.  Presently, the foundation on which to plan for a safe indoor season is questionable at best.  We will be assessing the mandates / protocols and will revisit the possibility of a shortened OWSL Indoor 2021/22 season for January - April.  


Our 10-12 team indoor league caters to members between the ages of 16-30+.  The current Ontario Soccer policy would permit non-vaccinated players to co-mingle with players that must prove vaccination.  Referees and team officials do not need to be vaccinated...but some Clubs are making it mandatory, per the Provincial Government's mandate, that all people over the age of 18 must be vaccinated in order to participate in indoor sports.  Indoor venues will be managed in accordance with the Public Health Unit, City or Town's own policy layers.  Each may differ.  Further, in the event of a positive test, an entire League could be shut down for an unspecified period of time.  All of this points to risk and uncertainty for our OWSL Indoor teams / members.


We thank you for your understanding and patience as we continue to navigate through the process.




Jeff Mehlenbacher

OWSL Director of Indoor

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