Thank you to the OWSL from Katie Armstrong

Hello everyone from the OWSL
This is Katie from the ALL Star game on Saturday. 
I hope I am sending this thank you email to everyone that I should.  I am sorry but I don't remember all the names of adults I meet  Sometimes I forget. 
(sorry if I forgot anyone) 
I just wanted to send everyone a big thank you for helping me out with my fundraising for Sick Kids Hospital.
I had lots of fun and getting to watch all the terrific players was really really neat.  
They move FAST!!!
And thank you so much for the cheque for $1000.00  (and the little cheque for me to keep as a souvenir) That is A LOT of money and I will take it to Sick Kids very soon I think.
Just so you know, the people in the stands were really nice and the donations that I got from people watching the game came to $ 432.00
I would also like to send a written thank you to the referees and I know their name from the program (I copied it) but could you let
Referee Lisa MacNeil and Assistant Refs, Marie-Soleil Beaudoin, Alexis Vaughan and Sharon Welsby know that I really appreciated their donation too?

I had a lot of fun and a few of my team mates from my soccer team came to watch the ladies play too.  Thank you for letting them stand with me at the game.
Also, I showed my pink uniform to my family when we got home (my 3 older brothers are soccer fanatics and they have a million soccer uniforms too)  My oldest brother Bobby is 28 and he put on my pink uniform and told me he was going to wear it to his next soccer game!  I had to chase  him to get it back.  It's ok.  I know he is teasing me.
And thanks to for the great OWSL t-shirts as well.
I had a lot of fun even though it rained. When I play in the rain, Mom who is my Coach always tells us not to worry, we are practicing for a Tide commercial, so get dirty!
I hope everyone could hear me when I talked about Sick Kids at half time.  The announcer was really nice and she told me I did a good job.  She was really helpful too.  
I really do think that Sick Kids is the best hospital in the world and that we are lucky to have it so close to us. 
Again, I really appreciate all that everyone did.  
Thank you for inviting me and President Tony and Andrew talked to me about coming to the Cup games next June too.  More soccer?  Sounds like fun.  
Isn't soccer the best?
BTW I was looking at your website and I thought the pictures were really good and the story about the game was interesting too.
I can't remember who mentioned they wanted to see this so here is my info on my picture slide show to my favourite song by Miley Cyrus - The Climb
it shows me with my family and sports and at Sick kids I did it with my Mom.  I think you can click on it or copy it and put it into the browser line.
My Dad did one first for me two years and everyone who watches it always say it gives them tears.  It is a slide show with the music/song "Ordinary Miracles"  by Amy Sky
Thanks again and bye for now
They were very  nice.   I think I did learn some new tips for my game as well
Katie Armstrong
Sick Kids Change Crusader -
and Hillcrest Soccer defender and goalie # 16

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