Commencing June 13th the following rule change is in effect:

Team Official and Player Identification                                                                                                      

11.8 Team officials must bring the OSA Team Official and Player Registration Books, and applicable Temporary Registration and Trial Player Permits, to all games. 

11.9 All players and team officials seated on the team bench must be registered to the Team’s OSA Roster, or be an eligible guest/trial/temporary player. 

11.10 The inspection of player’s, team official’s books and applicable player permits by the opposing team IS MANDATORY AND MUST BE CHECKED prior to the start of the game, but must not delay the scheduled kickoff. 

11.11 Failure to produce the player books and applicable player permits, when requested by the opposing team, will result in the forfeiture of the game. 

11.12 Only players for whom books, trial permits, or temporary registration permits, as applicable, are made available for inspection, may have their names entered on the game sheet and are eligible to play.  NO BOOK, NO PLAY!!!

11.13 Once a game has been started, team officials forfeit the right to investigate player books, excluding late player arrivals. Player books and permits for late arriving players can be checked prior to entering the field of play. Team Officials must refer to Rule 12 should they wish to initiate a protest.

11.14 Protests submitted by the opposing team regarding player eligibility WILL NOT be entertained unless the game sheet reflects that the team books were inspected prior to the game.

11.15 Failure to identify guest/trial/ temporary players on the game sheet will result in the player being deemed ineligible and the team will be subject to forfeiture of the game and a fine (as per Appendix A)

This due to numerous hours already spent checking the eligibility of players which would have been negated had the books been checked at the park prior to the start of the game.

We are now also inline with every other Provincial & regional league in Ontario, as per OSA League management requests.

Tony Crowle
OWSL President

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