Announcing New Structure for Senior Divisions in 2013

This past weekend the OSA board of Directors passed the request from the OWSL board for re structure of the senior divisions.
(We will now mirror the men's OSL structure).

In 2013 the NEW Pyramid of divisions in the OWSL will be as follows:

Senior Provincial
 will be two divisions of 6 teams total of 12 (twelve) teams, divided Geographically. 
Reducing further for 2014 to ONE DIVISION of 10 (ten) Provincial teams.

Senior Regional Premier (new division) will be maximum of two divisions of 8 (eight) teams, divided Geographically. 
This division will be populated by the 4 (four) relegated Provincial teams, and the remaining top 3 (three) teams from the Regional divisions, along with the graduating U21 Provincial Champions.

Senior Regional will be 3 (three) divisions of a maximum of 8 (eight) teams, divided Geographically. 
This division will be populated by the returning Regional teams, Promoted MJD teams and graduating U21 teams.

Senior MJ District will be populated by returning MJD teams along with any new teams entering without a previous competitive record.

All teams seeking a Senior Provincial spot will have to win their way through the Regional Premier division, all graduating U21 Provincial Champions will graduate into the senior Regional Premier division there will be no direct route from U21 Provincial into Senior Provincial.

The complete breakdown and seeding order for promotion will be released prior to the OWSL 2012 AGM, to be held on December 15th 2012.

The OWSL board is also very pleased to announce that for the past 5 years we have be working on the viability and sustainability of a Women's "Non Amateur League" opperated by an OWSL affiliate, management group,
The Canadian Women's Elite Soccer League (CWESL) was formed and is operated by 5 OWSL board members. This past weekend we put the first stage of our proposal to the OSA board of directors which was very well recieved, but many more meetings with the OSA/CSA are required prior to its implementation and again more information will be available at the AGM in December.

Tony Crowle

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