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2006 Discipline by Review Hearing Dates  
Discipline hearings will be held at the League office  
7601 Martin Grove Road, Woodbridge, Ont. L4L 9E4
Anyone involved in incidents requiring a discipline hearing not covered
by these dates will be notified of the hearing in writing   
Red Cards/ Three Yellows                                  Review Dates are
Received up to and including                               Thursdays
Thursday May 25th                                                   June 8th 
Thursday June 1st                                                   June 15th
Thursday June 8th                                                   June 22nd
Thursday June 15th                                                 June 29th
Thursday June 22nd                                                July 6th
Thursday June 29th                                                 July 13th
Thursday July 6th                                                    July 20th
Thursday July 13th                                                  July 27th
Thursday July 20th                                                  August 3rd
Thursday July 27th                                                  August 10th
Thursday August 3rd                                               August 17th
Thursday August 10th                                             August 24th
Thursday August 17th                                             August 31st
Thursday August 24th                                             September 7th
Thursday August 31st                                             September 14th
Thursday September 7th                                        September 21st
Thursday September 14th                                      September 28th
Thursday September 21st                                       October 5th
Thursday September 28th                                       October 12th
All League discipline will commence at 12.01am., the first Thursday
following the scheduled hearing date. The League will use scheduled games.
Discipline from League Cup and Ontario Cup may be applied to League
games if the team  has been eliminated.
If after reviewing the case the Discipline panel determines that a more
serious charge (I.e. A different misconduct type) is warranted for the accused
or that additional charges are warranted for any other person or organization
identified, in the misconduct report, the League shall advise the accused or
any other persons or organization so identified that a Discipline Hearing is
being scheduled.
An individual who is subject to (DBR) shall have the right to request a
hearing as follows:
The accused shall submit a receipted request within two days of receiving
the Yellow or Red card for misconduct at the game,
Discipline Chair by fax at (905) 671-9185   or
The accused must pay a fee of $ 50 (cash) upon arrival at the hearing. The
"Discipline Hearing Administrative fee" shall be returned only if the
accused is found not guilty by the Discipline Hearing Panel.
All parties disciplined under this system will be notified of their
suspension be Email or fax within two days after the scheduled hearing.
All fines, please refer to Appendix 'A' for fee structure,
All fines must be paid within twenty one days of offence,
notwithstanding Rule 6: Fees, Fines and Bonds.

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