1St. Catharines Jets1493223101330
2Caledon FC1585239162329
3GS United Ridgebacks157532920926
4Windsor Caboto 1473439291024
5Woodbridge Strikers157352224-224
6Waterloo Rangers146352826221
7King City Royals155462632-619
8West Rouge Storm155462534-919
9Markham Lightning153571924-514
10Guelph Gryphons142391023-139
11North Mississauga Panthers1412111739-225

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Madison LOGANKing City Royals15
2Michelle HUNTERWindsor Caboto 12
3Courtney BETTSCaledon FC9
4Jennifer SMITHCaledon FC8
5Megan VOUTOURWaterloo Rangers8
6Jennifer JURCAKWindsor Caboto 7
7Alliyah Rowe Waterloo Rangers6
8Christine FOSTERWest Rouge Storm6
9Ciera LUNDYSt. Catharines Jets5
10Nykosi SIMMONSWest Rouge Storm5

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Jessica DANKUSt. Catharines Jets8
2DEANNA PERSICOWoodbridge Strikers5
3Nicole PARASKEVOPOULOSGS United Ridgebacks4
4Shannon DIFFERCaledon FC4
5Brenna TESSIERWest Rouge Storm2
6Emma CHISHOLMMarkham Lightning2
7Heather BUCKIEGuelph Gryphons2
8Laura BLACKBURNKing City Royals2
9Tara BENARD-RAYWindsor Caboto 2
10Alexis TRIGIANI-KIRKWOODNorth Mississauga Panthers1
11Emma CROSWELLWaterloo Rangers1
12Georgia TRIANTAFILOUWaterloo Rangers1
13Samantha SIMMONSCaledon FC1
14Stephania TURYKMarkham Lightning1

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